Friday, October 01, 2004

Birthday Boy Tonight?

A little birdie told me that Trey Anastasio will be sitting in with Tom Marshall and Amfibian tonight at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ.

I don't spread rumors and this isn't one.

Get Tickets.

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Anonymous said...

WRONG! Went to the the show and Trey was there but that little jerk decided to go home without even informing the band. They were all ready to play with him and that peice of cr*p left them a note that he went home. How do I know? Have a friend in the band. Man, if I was a phish fan, which I'm not, I would burn all my phish crap. Trey blows. Ego inflated peice of sh*t who cares only about himself and not that fans that lined his pockets with all that green.