Wednesday, August 27, 2008

By Default

I can't help but laugh when I hear people talking about "Hillary said Obama doesn't have the experience...Biden said he likes McCain...Biden said the Presidency isn't where you learn to do the job..." Blah blah blah.

"Hillary and Barack disagree about what to do over __________." Blah blah.

This is the state of talk radio since last week. Of course, if their own do it they won't bring it up again, which I get. Thing of it is, their own really DON'T DO IT! That's right. They all agree! On everything! I mean, there are minor disagreements like, "he supports cutting taxes...but not enough!" and "he believes abortions should be illegal, but I believe life begins at conception!" and "I think our presence in Iraq should last as long as it needs to, and he only wants to be there for 100 years!"

Minor differences.

But that's what you get when you have a group of GUYS, who all have their muffins buttered by the same constituents, who have all formed the same basic platform. That's the thing of it! It's the same white guy, it's the same old ideas that don't work, and it's a bit of the religious nonsense to reach out to God's children so they goto the polls. Yet it seemed to me in the Republican race for the nominee they all had their one thing they did slightly different from the other guy, and in the end, Mr. Vanilla came out on top because he just had enough of the bullshit, but not too much, in every category. Tah daah! Here he is, McCain!

Yeah, sorry, I'm for the people that bash each other and drag it out, and have differences of opinion on a range of topics. I'm for a bit of diversity, which has taken ages to accomplish. And I'm not retarded, so I understand that in a fight you will say things to come out on top. After all, I don't think my girlfriend really wants me dead, even though she has said it.

Problem is, now I can't run for office anywhere because of it.


"David Weintraub once dated a girl, who said she wanted him dead. Not once. Not twice. But 72 times!"

"That's right. SEVENTY TWO TIMES."

"Are you going to vote for a man whose girlfriend wished he was dead 72 times?"

"We don't think you should."

"Jesus only died once; partially for the sins of David Weintraub."

"Paid for by the Committee that Hates David Weintraub and Loves Jesus."


Augustine said...

Jesus loves David Weintraub and prays for his rehab.

weinish said...

and David loves Jesus, just gave him a glass of water, and wants him to finish the hedges by noon.